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Grits The Musical: Southern fried gingham
By Perry Tannenbaum

Walk into Actor's Theatre of Charlotte these nights and you might experience the fleeting sensation that you have mistakenly wandered into an Uptown florist -- or a new branch of Julie's Clothing. Scenery onstage for the McGee Communications & Entertainment production of Grits: The Musical is as colorful as a beach ball, as neat and adorable as a ribbon bow, and as clean as newly-laid table linens at a church social. <More>


'GRITS': Warm, mild, often tasty
But you have to like the old-fashioned, sweet South to be able to swallow it.
By Lawrence Toppman

The song “Sweet Tea” comes halfway through act 1 of “GRITS: The Musical,” and how you feel about that beverage will probably tell you how you'll feel about the show.

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