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GRITS Outreach

"Erica McGee's GRITS Workshop was a huge success! What a wonderful way of empowering young girls to be their best selves! The girls took part in song writing, creating a storyline and script, choreography, craft making, stage presence, vocal exercises and more!"
- Anson County Arts Council, North Carolina

From the Creator/Producer of “Girls Raised in the South-GRITS: The Musical”, Erica McGee and cast comes a workshop for girls to create, dream and explore who the artist is inside of them!  GRITS: GIRLS REALLY INSPIRED TO SHINE!

What it is:
A 1 or 2 day workshop for rising 2nd– 8th grade girls that will explore songwriting, dramatic interaction and writing for the stage and confidence building techniques for stage and life!  Bring out the actress or singer in your child and let her shine!

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A special presentation will take place at the end of the last day of the camp!
Venues may book this work in connection with a "Girls Raised in the South-GRITS: The Musical" booking for FREE!
(Housing and meal allowance must be provided for cast for the days of the workshop.)
Or this event can be booked separately for schools, community outreach and events.    

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Workshop Production

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Workshop Clip - Original Song "New York City!"

Workshop Clip - Rehearsal of original song "God's Got It"

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