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Itís four women, four generations and four different views.

Itís your mother, your sister, your Grandma, your best friend.

Itís sweet tea, collard greens, fresh tomatoes and banana puddin?

Itís stories youíll recognize and tales from the past

Itís country music, jazz tunes, old time blues and toe tappin?rock

Itís the old, the new and some things in between

Itís about love and laughter, revelation and grace

Its ďGRITS: The Musical?/font>


ďGRITS: The Musical?is a full production journey that will take you to and through the heart of the South. 


A four woman cast spanning age groups from young women in their 20ís to mature women in their 50ís and 60ís.  Each woman is an individual storyteller and vocalist.  Every story carries a song. 


Based on the book, ďFriends are Forevah?by GRITS creator and author, Deborah Ford, this show will have you laughing and crying and it will transport you back in time.


Reminisce about sittin?on the front porch, travelin?with your best friends, celebrating with down home meals and the ďDos and Doníts?of being a proper Southern gal. 


Combined with meaningful quotes from famous ďGRITS girls?from all over the United States and high energy musical numbersÖthis show is sure to be a hit!


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